Fairway Executive Suites

Are you downsizing or “rightsizing” your business?

If this is your business situation, you won’t have to downsize your professional image when you have an office at Fairway Executive Suites.

With our prime South Florida location, prestigious address, beautiful and well-maintained building and professional support staff at your disposal, your image in the business world will remain as strong as ever. For meetings, you’ll even have access to five well-appointed conference rooms.

When you choose to use our state-of-the-art VoIP phone system with customized live call answering, your customers and prospects will never suspect you’ve cut back. But your wallet will certainly know because with our system you can make local, national and international calls for one flat rate. Plus, there’s no additional charge for live call answering.


Fair-Deal Prices and Fair-Deal Terms

Because we’re the fair-play office folks, we offer fair deals on a variety of office sizes and layouts: full-time offices start at $365/month. Sizes vary from 80 to 400 sq. ft.

We’re as flexible as your needs require so that you can:

  • Avoid the high initial costs associated with leasing traditional office space.
  • Increase or decrease your office space as needed.
  • Lease from month to month.
  • Sign up for six months and get your seventh month free.
  • Have a full-time receptionist at no additional charge.
  • Get immediate setup with our optional high-speed Internet service.
  • Reserve conference rooms as often as needed at no additional charge.
  • Use your furniture or ours. Included at no additional charge are a desk, file cabinet, executive chair and guest chair. Others pieces are available for nominal fees.
  • Use your phone or ours. With ours, you pay only for the features you need. And live call answering is included at no additional charge.
  • Take your office with you when you travel simply by taking your phone. Plug it into the Internet to make or receive calls as though you were still in Florida.

We invite you to stop by and take the tour. Business Manager Alicia Litchfield will be glad to answer your questions. Set up is quick with three easy steps.

Downsizing/Rightsizing – a client success story