Our Fair-Play Policy

What does the Fairway Executive Suites Fair-Play Policy mean for you?

If you’ve never leased office space in a business center or executive suites site, you may not know the pitfalls that can cost you unexpected sums, ruin your office experience and keep you trapped where you no longer want to be.

A few of these pitfalls are hidden fees, exorbitant move-out fees, confusing invoices and lengthy lease contracts. All four of these are common practice with many executive suites and business center companies. A fifth pitfall is a management/support staff of cold, unfriendly, unhelpful, unavailable and unprofessional personnel.

But not so at Fairway Executive Suites...

Our "Hold Us to It" Fair-Play Policy

  • No contract fine print.
  • No hidden fees.
  • No move-out fees whatsoever.
  • Security deposit cheerfully refunded if no damages done.
  • Flexible month-to-month leasing.
  • Easy to understand invoices.
  • Consistent monthly billing.
  • Pay only for services you need.
  • On-site management/support staff is warm, friendly, helpful, available, responsive and professional.

So when you need an office—whether a customized Executive Suite or a Virtual Office—you can proceed with confidence at Fairway Executive Suites ... because fair play is our policy. And you can hold us to it.